Sunday, July 31, 2011


Our new workboxes arrived early than planned! I worked hard this weekend to get things set up and stuff moved around to find a place where they would be easy to use, but at the same time not be somewhere where the monsters... I mean the kids would destroy them.

I've been reading about so many different workbox setups and I've finally found a combination that will work for us. D's boxes are numbered 1-10 with numbers that stay on the boxes. Then also on the box is a picture card representing what is in there since he can't see through the boxes to see what is coming up next. Rather than having him take a number card off the box and put it on a grid or number strip I am having him remove the picture card and place a checkmark card in it's place on the box. I have an extra bin in S's boxes to store the cards, and I place a checkmark card in the box with the work that he needs to be doing. We will see how that works out. If he isn't completing his work before he puts up the checkmark and moves on to another box than I will have to make him bring me his work before I give him his checkmark card.

I was hoping that we would have a normal morning to get used to our workboxes, but of course I forgot that little E has a doctors appointment so I have to drag all 4 kids to the docs office ( so next week I will be posting about us all being sick after our well child check this week... it never fails that one of the kids picks up something from the docs office)

So hopefully once we get home from the docs office in the morning we can get right to work on our workboxes and maybe for once we can get through our days work without a ton of whining/complaining/stalling and whatever else a 6 year old can come up with to get out of doing some school work.

I will try to post pictures of our workbox setup soon. I took some tonight but my computer can't read them.

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