Monday, January 30, 2012

Changes, Changes and more Changes

Things around our house have changed a lot over the past couple of months.

In November we found out that the temporary move that we were hoping to take to Utah was unavailable but that we could go to New Mexico instead. So plans changed, we started looking for info on the new city and worked toward getting ready to move. My husband went to New Mexico the few days before Thanksgiving to make sure that he wanted to take the temporary job and find us a place to live. In the few days that he was there he found and rented a house for us.

Once he got home we started the long process of packing up the house. I called for a vacation from homeschool and the kids got a very long winter break. We spent the first part of December working on packing and getting our house ready to be empty for almost a year. Many home remodeling projects, a trip to urgent care for a sliced finger (mine) and trips to the recycling center for boxes we had the house packed and ready to be left.

The week before Christmas we packed up the small amount of stuff going with us, and got the house ready for us to leave. Then we started the long drive. In order to keep things half way normal for the kids we still went to Kansas to visit family for Christmas so we took the LONG way to New Mexico.

We drove (with a very packed car) from Alabama to Kansas. Spent 4 days visiting with relatives before we packed up again and made the long drive to New Mexico.

We arrived in New Mexico during the week between Christmas and New Years. We spent the next week unpacking and getting settled into our rental house. After New Years my husband went back to work and the kids and I settled back into our homeschool routine. Amazingly D did not forget much during his extended break. A few quick review days and he was back up to speed in all his programs.

D Progress for the year

Phonics - D has finished ETC 5 and has started on book 6
- AAS - We are on step 13 of Level 2 - I was hoping to be moving through this quicker but it has been set aside a few times
- OPGTR - We have 15 lessons left to complete to book - D is easily reading Magic Tree House books and also has been enjoying a jr. novel about Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Grammar - We are 2/3 of the way through year 1 of First Language Lessons.
Writing - We set Writing with Ease 1 aside earlier this year because D was struggling with the narration. We picked it back up once we got to New Mexico and it has been going much better.
Math - D has finished Singpore Math 2A and is cruising through 2B. He has enjoyed learning his multiplication facts. He understands the concept we are now just working on memorizing the facts. We plays a lot on Timez Attack and on

Science - Another one that has taken a back burner this year. We are starting to work our way through Real Science Odyssey again. Hopefully once we finish more of our phonics work for the year we can spend more time on Science and History. If not we will do a few intense weeks over the summer on science to get through. We also may start Real Science Odyssey Earth and Space early since we are in a great place to stargaze.

History - Again another one that has taken a back burner to Math and Reading this year. We have started working on Ancient Egypt this past week. Hopefully the fun of studying ancient Egypt will keep us going this time.