Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Things that make our day easier

A few things that I have found that help D keep moving through our day.

- I use Homeschool Tracker Plus to keep track of our plans. Using its Assignment Report I can give Drew a check list of the things that we are doing that day. He likes being able to see what we have left to do and being able to check things off is motivating to him since he knows that once everything is checked off he will get computer time

- Computer Time - I found an add-on for Firefox that allows me to block all websites except for the ones that I allow D to go to. So now he can have more unsupervised time one the computer. Even if he types a site into the address bar if it is not on his allowed list it redirects him back to the site of my choice.

- Bribes! It's amazing how quickly and neatly copywork can be done when there is a pile of chocolate chips waiting on the table for him.

- Letting him have more control - By printing out the assignment sheet I allow him to pick the order we do things. Occasionally I will force him to do something first when I know that R is in the mood to get in trouble or E is going to wake up soon but most of the time he picks the order.

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