Friday, October 14, 2011

Finally getting around to updating

Here's a quick run down of what we have completed so far this school year

- Finished Singapore 2A
- Finished Singapore 1B - Intensive Practice (reviewing what we did last year)
- Has Addition and Subtraction facts to 10 memorized (still working on getting faster at them)
- Knows that multiplication tables for 2 and 3 (working on quicker recall of them with online games)

- Started late this summer at lesson 135 in Ordinary Parents guide to Teaching Reading
- Now at lesson 186
- Can read Magic Tree House books to me, but still prefers to read easier material to himself or the little ones. He can read Curious George, Clifford, or Henry and Mudge without difficulty.

- Recently finished Book 4 ETC
- Returning to Book 5
- On Step 9 of All about Spelling 2 (We haven't put much time into spelling yet this year)

- We did the first 10 weeks of Writing with Ease 1
- WWE 1 has been shelved for the time being because he was just not putting in the effort to listen to the story and answer the questions and narrate back to me.
- We are now working on narrating other readings like our science or history readings.
- Since quitting WWE - D has become interested in writing his own little one page stories. He draws a picture and then add a sentence or two about it. He does not like to make up his own way to spell words so I am constantly having to help him spell out words for his stories.

Grammer - First Language Lessons
- Worked through lesson 64
- Memorized the following poems
- The Caterpillar
- Work
- Hearts Are Like Doors
- The Months

- Learned about landforms and bodies of water with Beginning Geography
- Knows the Continents and major Oceans

- Main thing to get pushed off when we don't have time
- We have talked about what makes something living, looked at cells, looked at the exhibit at Sci-quest about cells, started learning about the human body. We haven't had time to do many of the labs for the human body yet, but we have read through a lot of library books about the human body and the things that it can do.
- Hope to spend a lot of time between now and Christmas doing more fun labs for human body stuff so in the spring we can move into the animal portion of RSO. Leaving the plant part of late spring early summer when we will be starting our garden again.
- Bird watching - D has become interested in knowing more about the birds that we see in our yard. I need to take more time to have him learn about how to attract them and what to feed them. I'm ordering him a new bird book to hopefully have info on the bird that we see in our yard all in one book. Right now the junior guide that he has does not have a lot of the birds that we see in our yard and he does not like having to look through the larger guide and wants me to do it for him.

- Another one of the things that gets put off to the end since I am more focused on the 3Rs.
- The few weeks that we have gotten through in History Odyssey we have really enjoyed. Unfortunately with the little ones around it takes us about 2 weeks to get through one week worth of stuff. Hopefully as we get more into the Egyptians and the Romans we will be able to get through material quicker when it keeps D's interest longer. Also now that we have a strong start with the 3Rs and are at least done with 1/2 a years work in them we can spend less time on those areas and more time enjoying the history and science for this year.

- D originally did HWOT in Pre-K, then skipped up to the first grade book in his K year. We did not order a book for this year but I can now see that he needs extra practice. I think I will be ordering either another copy of the 1st grade book for him or the 2nd grade printing power book soon. He still has some trouble with a few letter reversals that need to be fixed. Even though I sit with him while he does copywork he still will occasionally reverse b and d, randomly asks which way a c goes and also occasionally makes his p's backwards.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Yes... just like all the other blogs I started!

Ignored for months at a time!

I don't know why I thought this blog would be any different. I hardly have time to think let alone put up a blog post.

The end of August is forgotten, September was a blur and the beginning of October was spent at Disney World.

Little E turned 1, S turned 4 and I'm fighting the urge to have another little one.

I'm going to try to get a better update of where we are at in our schooling up soon.. but for now life goes on.