Monday, August 8, 2011

First Week with Workboxes

So the first week in August was our first week using workboxes. Although the original setup and getting used to filing the boxes each night was a pain the first couple of nights it was SO worth it. The kids love their workboxes. My 6yo fusses a lot less about how much more are we going to do. Even though we had an assignment sheet printed off from Homeschool Tracker it still resulted in a lot of whining about how much more or that we are doing too much.

Now with the boxes he can see how much more we have left and what fun thing he is going to get to do when we are done. It also has made me more conscious of making sure that we add in more fun things to do. It's amazing how throwing in a small bag of cookies can make doing a dreaded subject more fun.

Here are a few pictures of our workbox setup:

Our two stacks of bins - I found these at for $30 and free shipping!

Close up picture of our picture cards for the subjects

I just toss his checkmarks for when he is finished in with his work. When he completes it and returns it to his bin he is allowed to take the subject card off and put the checkmark up.

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