Friday, August 19, 2011

Weekly Update - August 15th - 19th

This week was more of a routine week for us. Nothing really exciting happened around here.

We played outside more than we have in a long time thanks to a break in the heat. Kids had a great time during one playtime when I started a water fight. We all ended up soaking wet and laughing. Even little E enjoyed laughing at all the craziness. We also decided one morning to go check out a new playground at a park that we haven't been to in a long time.

Workboxes are still doing their job and the whining and complaining have dropped down to a more 6 year old appropriate level. Meaning he still whines, but it's a lot easier to keep him going when he can see when something fun is coming soon. It also helps me since it forces me to plan in more fun/hands on things for him to do.

Soccer has started again and that means practice two nights a week along with a game on Friday night. All that hard running in the heat wipes D out so he has been grumpy since he hasn't been sleeping in at all even though he needs to.

A few pictures from our week
D's spelling for the week - AAS 2 Step 7
S decided to write her name on her own
Playing Monopoly Jr - A favorite around our house

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  1. Great pictures! I'm glad the workboxes are going well. I think boys, school, and whining seem to go together.

    And I'm still waiting for my break in the weather. We are getting outside before 6am just so we can get a little sunshine. Uugh. Please October, come quickly.