Monday, June 20, 2011

Off to a slow start

So far our first 2.5 weeks of our new school year are off to a very slow start. The first half week of June we did great. D was excited to crack into his new books and we didn't have much planned outside of the house so we got to work and got everything done. The 2nd week of June we did good the first couple of days, but then life got in the way and we didn't school for the rest of the week. The 3rd week of June D had VBS in the morning and was exhausted by the time that he got home and was willing to quietly play during quiet time so I didn't make him do any school work.

This is why we school year round. If this were August and we were just starting our school year and had only done 6 days of school so far in the month I would be freaking out. Thankfully since we are going year round I know that even if we don't get many days in during June and July, when all our PS friends are out of school, we will at least have 3-4 weeks done by August. Giving us extra time to take off in the fall when we have gorgeous days and would rather be playing at the park then sitting inside doing math.

Hopefully this week we will work on getting back into our routine and can get some school work done at least a few days this week.

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