Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Homeschooling with younger kids in the house

Why is it the minute I get the little ones interested in something and then try to sit down with D to do anything they all have to migrate to where we are.

Today I had the three little ones happily destroying... err playing in the playroom so I grabbed D and we headed to the living room couch to work on some math. As soon as we sit down R sends a bin of stuff crashing in the playroom. Then not 2 minutes later he is in the room saying that Sarah pushed him. Send him back off to the playroom and get D refocused and then the baby is screaming because R is laying on him. Go pull R off the baby, come back, refocus D again and start our workbook pages. S comes in and starts jumping around the room. Give her a quiet toy to play with. Then the baby comes crawling into the room so I give him a bucket of toys to play with. Then R comes in tries to climb on the back of the couch and jumps on us.

So D and I grab our stuff and move to the kitchen table. At this point he has managed to get 1 of 4 workbook pages done. So of course all the littles see that we are at the table and start moaning for a snack. So I get everyone a snack and then D and I move back to the living room floor. Get another page done before they are all back in dancing around us. Send D back to the table to finish his last two pages while I clean up the disaster that R made in the playroom, S made with her puzzle and E made with his bucket of toys.

All of that in our 15 minutes of doing math today. Homeschooling with 4 kids 6 and under is exhausting!

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