Monday, July 30, 2012

Today was one of those days.....

Today was one of those days where the thought of putting my oldest on the bus and sending him off to school sounds WONDERFUL!  He was whiny, complaining, crying, throwing fits, and not listening all day.

These are the days that I remind myself why I homeschool...

- I love that we can work at his pace - We are ahead in many areas, but behind in a few.  His development is so uneven that he would be bored sometimes in a classroom but struggle at other times.

- I love getting to see him learn new things.  I love seeing his mind working to find the answer.  I love the way that he does things his own way.  His brain figures out math problems in ways that I never thought would work.

- I love that the rest of my kids can stay on their own schedule and not have to live there life based on the school schedule.

- I love that I can curl up on the couch reading books and playing board games with my kids and call it school.

- I love that I can teach him things that interest him.  Watching him read about something and then go searching the internet for more information makes my heart sing.

- I love that my kids ask questions constantly.  They know that if I don't have the answer I will help them find  the answer.

- I love that on days like today when everybody needed more sleep, patience and understanding that we can call our day done and just enjoy some quiet time.

- I love that I get the best hours of the day with my son.  He is the happiest and most cooperative mid morning.  The afternoons are rough.  I would miss so many fun times with my son if we only had the afternoons together.

- I love that we can work our schedule around my husbands work schedule.  If my son was in public school (and it was in session right now) my son would go 9 days without seeing his Daddy because of his work hours this week.

- There are so many things that I love about homeschooling.... but after a long trying day it helps to remember why I am doing this.

This biggest reason of all is that I love my kids with all my heart and I will do anything to give them what is best for them... even if it means that I end the night questioning my decisions while drinking a glass of wine.

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